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Football teams use live simulations. Before playing the Redskins, the Giants’ scouts observe the Redskins’ previous games, and the coaches and players watch films and hear scouting reports. The offense practices against a simulated Redskins’ defense and vice versa

Linda Johnson, a WSOP bracelet holder, war-gamed for “Ladies Night,” a six-player, one-table televised tournament. Five friends took her opponents’ roles. They studied tapes of her opponents’ previous tournaments, asked other friends for “scouting reports,” analyzed their strategies, styles, strengths, and weaknesses and played the way each one would play. They used the tournament’s blinds schedule.

Johnson tried several strategies, and they jointly analyzed each one’s effects. Before the tournament started, she knew how she would play against each opponent and when and how to adjust her strategy. Her thorough preparation paid off. She finished second, got very positive television exposure, and could easily have won it.

These anecdotes don’t prove the value of preparation, but they and the athletic records certainly suggest that preparing well can greatly increase your edge, and that’s what poker is all about.

Peter Meier

Peter Meier

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