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The Cafe

The year 2015 saw the newest extension of JK's turn from a jeweler's to what you now know + love as our cafe side. A 130-seater cafe that is filled with good vibes, Alice in Wonderland graffiti on the walls by Townsville artist Kennie Deaner, deliciously brewed Vittoria Coffee + gourmet meals to fix any hunger craving you're having. Our cafe is the happy place for not only us, but so many of our customers + for that, we are so proud of the space we've created.

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Our little urban cafe is the perfect spot for a hot cuppa with friends, a delicious meal during lunch breaks or a sweet bite to treat yourself! You can laze on one of our lounge sofas, make yourself comfortable at one of our pallet tables or enjoy the breeze & beauty with dining out the front where your furry friends can join for a puppacino.

Our cafe offers a wide range of meals to suit each & every lifestyle. We can cater to any specific dietary requirements- including; vegan, gluten free & dairy free.

The most popular items on the menu are our homemade gourmet pies made inhouse, our chocolate/vanilla custard filled Italian cannoli's, the JK's breakkie menu- we're Italian so our breakfast's will leave you rolling out the door- and nothing beats our mouth watering antipasto grazing boards, they are simply too good to be true!

Our cafe is welcoming to all & is a very popular spot to chill out in when visiting our little town of Ingham. The atmosphere is relaxed, our staff are amazing & our quality of service is top shelf. Your experience at JK's is guaranteed to be a good one & we love meeting our new customers!

When stopping in, there's a chance you'll meet Karen (the mastermind behind JK's) & you'll leave knowing every single thing about her & us! She's an oversharer, a hard worker & an all round top lady. Together, she works alongside her three daughters, which has been in her favour so far, as well as a number of other staff members who may as well be the second cousins to Karen & her family. 

So next time you're visiting little old Ingham, pop in & say hi to the girls! We can't wait to have you in store with us to experience the beauty that is JK's & make our cafe your pitstop in Ingham!

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