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We have created this page to update you all on our COVID rules & regulations for the deli commencing April 14th, 2022.

Below we have answered some questions that we are commonly asked, so hopefully this helps to ease the confusion.

Do I have to wear a mask or be fully vaccinated still to be in your store?

No. As the mandates for masks has now been dropped, you are not required to wear one in store. Come Thursday April 14th, you will no longer need to show proof of vaccination upon entering our premises and we are so excited to welcome everyone back.


Do your staff have to be fully vaccinated?

All of our staff at the age of 16 and over are all already fully vaccinated & this was their personal choice.

We would like to make it very clear that any rudeness or argumentative comments toward our staff will not be tolerated whatsoever due to the dropping of mandates. We understand that everyone's opinions and beliefs on the matters of COVID are different and we respect each individual's personal choice, however as a business these are the steps we felt obligated to take in order to continue to provide a service to our community.

We understand these are frustrating times and we ask the community, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to understand the pressure that local businesses were under to enforce these laws. We ask that these frustrations are not taken out on our staff or any local business owners. We are all doing the absolute best we can in most uncertain of times, please remember to be kind.

Updated April 6th, 2022.